zombie monkeys *Feeding time* Table Top board game

Story of the tabletop game

After a virus outbreak in a city zoo the only 'survivors" are the monkeys at the zoo. That is, they are all Brain brainless zombies!
The group of monkeys has evolved into different species that live in different *biome habitats of the zoo. Knowing; Polar, Rainforest, Desert, Swamp, and Amphibious regions.



All monkeys are stronger in their own region, and their power and armor are better (+1).
When a battle is played on the *biome ice (polar) then de Polar-Morkey is +1 stronger than a non-ice (polar) monkey.

Battle: the non-polar enemy has thrown 5 (with dice) then a polar monkey will win with 5 or 6. The polar monkey will have to re-battle with 4. The polar Monkey will lose with 1,2 or 3.

Goal: The goal of the game is to collect as many Banana-Brains (a.k.a. peanut-brains) as capture the flag!

Dice 1 or 2?  Dice with code for power battles? = Risk + Reward
- capture the flag! Brains!
- place 2 brains and protect!

Ice  zombie monkeyRainforests zombie monkeyDesert zombie monkeyAmphibious zombie monkeySwamp zombie monkey

*Biome: A biome is a large region of the world with specific types of plants, animals, and climate patterns.

* Mission via Game card. Objective?
* You win after your objective is inside your home biome.
* Who starts the Game?
* Movement is devided among the number of pawns, 1 for all, all for 1.
* Dice battle! - Equal is winning, 6 (on a regular dice) is winning.

Game board concept


Logo Design

Here are some new designs for the logo of my board game! Actually, it's only part of the logo because the full name of the game is: Zombie Monkey Feeding Time!⁣ ⁣

Based on Zombie and Brain I would like to make an organ(ically) textured letter B + Brain = ?

Logo design v1.2

These monkeys have gone bananas! Banana⁣ Zombie Monkeys Feeding Time! A tabletop game that is totally coco-nuts!⁣ Coconut


Random Brain-Farts

Pick your brain (it could be a Brain brain, Banana banana-brain or a Brain peanut-brain.) "Its a banana-brain!" Not that smart!

Zombie monkeys } Monkey wants to pick your brain Brain (can you trust them?!)

Different colors of brains. To Devine a team or state of mind.

Tabletop creation process Hand-made graphics that are the base design of my Zombie Monkeys feeding time Brain game! A tabletop game that is totally Coconut coco-nuts!⁣ ⁣

The Brain brain cards

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